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Bonjou tout moun,

I get a lot of messages here and on YouTube about whether I’m going to make more videos. The answer is YES—absolutely. Moreover, I’d love to collaborate with native speakers (I’m thinking of filming a lesson through a conversation over Skype? Is that nuts?), but have had a lot of grad school demands in the past year. Making/editing a video takes me a bit of time because I’m still learning how to use the technology.

I’d like to say that I really appreciate all of the positive remarks from everyone. Admittedly, I was a little nervous about doing it, but everyone has been so encouraging. Mèsi anpil pou tout bon bagay nou te di mwen, kè m touché!


Now he understood that a man never knows for whom he suffers and hopes. He suffers and hopes and toils for people he will never know, and who, in turn, will suffer and hope and toil for others who will not be happy either, for man always seeks a happiness far beyond that which is meted out to him. But man’s greatness consists in the very fact of wanting to be better than he is. In laying duties upon himself. In the Kingdom of Heaven there is no grandeur to be won, inasmuch as there all is an established hierarchy, the unknown is revealed, existence is infinite, there is no possibility of sacrifice, all is rest and joy. For this reason, bowed down by suffering and duties, beautiful in the midst of his misery, capable of loving in the face of afflictions and trials, man finds his greatness, his fullest measure, only in the Kingdom of this World.

—Alejo Carpentier, The Kingdom of This World

This was what I saw when I awoke on New Year’s Day 2013, in Anse Couleuvre, Martinique. 

Haiti. Isn’t she a beauty?
(On the road to Gros Morne)

Haiti. Isn’t she a beauty?

(On the road to Gros Morne)

Still alive…

Have been working so hard this summer and was in Haiti and other places—will post soon! And more videos to come!

livingapresencefilledlife asked:

Hey, I've been trying to learn Haitian Creole ( Kreyol) for about a year now through a small dictionary I purchased and the help of my friends in Haiti the two times I have gone. I was wondering if you have any advice as the best way to learn the language? Also, are you going to be making any more videos? I enjoyed the pronoun one and I feel it explains things really well.

Hi! Yes, I’ve been in Haiti this summer and things have been busy, but I will continue posting when things settle down a little! Maybe we could do a video together? I’ve been thinking of filming a Skype lesson as the next Creole Project lesson and am looking for an interlocutor, either a Creole speaker or a student. 

Do you have a grammar book? I posted a video about textbooks and sources. In addition, there is an old textbook called Ann Pale Kreyòl. It is a bit old but still really useful. I might (?) still have a PDF of it if you can’t access it through a library or order it…

Hope this is helpful!

Until I can post a new video, this is my Haitian Creole professor—sa se pwofèsè kreyòl mwen.

Lesson 1: Pronouns

Text resources for learning Haitian Creole

Introduction to The Creole Project (by TheCreoleProject)

The Creole Project: a free online resource that teaches Haitian Creole through video tutorials More videos and resources available at
I’ll be posting more as I go along.

I started this project because Haitian Creole is not easy to learn without taking an intensive course at one of the programs at FIU, Duke, or UMass. If you can take an intensive course (they run about two months long in the summer), I recommend Professor Jacques Pierre at Duke—he taught me everything I know.
Please message me if you would like to volunteer to help make the video tutorials. I’d love to have native speakers record content for the videos. I don’t mind putting them together in video format and writing the lessons!

Me: I’m a grad student working toward a PhD. I study activist writers who resist dictatorship through literature in Haiti, and Latin America. I have taught French language courses at the undergraduate level, and I’m applying that experience to Creole. My goal is that you will be able to learn basic Creole more easily. My hope is that you will fall in love with the language, the literature, and the culture as I have.

Please message me if you have any suggestions for how my tutorials could be more helpful.